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Open Source, Distributed Computing Framework

Welcome to NuNet, an open-source, serverless peer-to-peer platform that enables secure and decentralized exchange between autonomous devices and AI/ML agents in a secure, autonomous and decentralized manner.

Powered by NuNet Utility Token, NTX, our decentralized ecosystem allows you to monetize resources such as hardware and data, contributing to a global economy of cloud computing. With enhanced security and lower costs, participants autonomously organize based on service demand, free from centralized control.

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NuNet's versatile architecture supports a broad range of computational processes, allowing any device to join and meet the growing data processing needs of diverse industries.

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Open APIs

NuNet's framework is built on open-ended, pluggable APIs that foster a vibrant network, encouraging independent participants to autonomously create and execute computational workflows, enhancing collaboration across diverse economic actors to create a symbiotic network.

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Flexible and Customizable

NuNet's flexible architecture supports decentralized workflow management with comprehensive tooling and incentives for third-party enhancements, continually evolved by our core developers to foster long-term growth.

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Community Driven

NuNet thrives on a community-driven development approach, encouraging active participation through forums, collaborative projects, and its open-source environment. Join our Discord to engage with developers and influence the future of decentralized computing.

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Enterprise Ready

NuNet offers scalable and secure computing solutions that meet rigorous enterprise demands and support a variety of business use cases. Our ongoing development and partnerships ensure NuNet stays ahead in decentralized computing, catering to the dynamic needs of global businesses.

NuNet Ecosystem

Our ecosystem consists of a decentralised economy of compute bringing together diverse set of participants from individuals to businesses. Built on open source ethos, the platform encourages collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement.

Curious to explore your role within our community? Learn more about how you can contribute and grow with us.

Use Cases

NuNet's platform supports a limitless variety of use cases, evolving through feedback to refine features based on real-world applications. It can be used for AI, machine learning to big data analytics, adapting to any computational demand. Developed by our team, through partnerships, or community contributions, each use case helps grow our network.

Discover how NuNet addresses diverse computing needs and advances technology across different sectors with practical, flexible solutions.

NuNet’s decentralized GPU use case successfully integrates DePIN (decentralized physical infrastructure) into the Cardano ecosystem. This eliminates reliance on centralized cloud services, offering a robust and alternative solution for cloud computing.

DePIN-based compute and GPUs have the potential to fuel the advancement of AI – including Large Language Models (LLMs) and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that is beneficial to the society.

Technical Discussions

Technical Discussion - Exploring Small Language Models - 25th April 2024
Technical Discussion - Exploring Small Language Models - 25th April 2024
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Petals and Hivemind Framework
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NuNet Core Platform DMS Update
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NuNet Job Orchestration
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Build on NuNet

Dive into the NuNet community and contribute your ideas, insights, or technical expertise to drive the future of decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN). Work together in a practical, collaborative environment, pushing forward the capabilities of technology.

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