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A Global Economy
of Decentralized Computing

NuNet is building a globally decentralized computing framework that combines latent computing power of independently owned compute devices across the globe into a dynamic marketplace of compute resources, individually rewarded via tokenomic ecosystem based on NuNet Utility Token (NTX).

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Current State of Global Computing

Fragmented market, controlled by a few big players.

Large infrastructure providers dominate by locking users into their computing and data silos. Private data is controlled by vendors and cloud providers. Raw data from IoT arrays is locked into proprietary cloud infrastructures.

Cutting-edge AI and ML is not affordable for most except largest corporations.

Individuals, researchers and SMEs cannot afford computing resources needed to develop and apply new technologies — further widening the gap between the big players and everybody else.

A wealth of latent computing resources distributed across edge devices lies dormant and underused.

Huge amounts of unused computing power and data are scattered hidden in private computers, mobile phones, wearables and other private devices.

Data Economy and Internet of Things use-cases hindered by decades-old walled infrastructures and computing/data silos.

Traditional cloud infrastructures, designed, managed and controlled in a centralized manner, cannot efficiently cope with the complexity of increasingly decentralized computing universe, encompassing billions of small independent devices connected over insecure networks.

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Platform Development Model

We are building the open-source platform, protocols, open APIs, and blockchain integrations tailored to run complex geographically distributed computing workflows, IoT implementations and business cases.

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NuNet Solution

NuNet aims to transform the multi-billion cloud computing industry, by connecting individual compute devices -- independently of their size, location and ownership -- to a decentralized machine-to-machine marketplace where software agents and their owners could search and find most fitting and accessible hardware resources.

Platform and Development


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Join NuNet

NuNet is actively expanding its team and constantly looking for colleagues. We are a startup with an exciting journey ahead. Your contributions will have a great impact on the future of the company and you would get the opportunity to grow alongside it.
We also encourage you to join our developer exchange program where you will aid in the testing and development of the NuNet platform.



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NuNet is shaping the future growth of the platform and marketplace ecosystem by engaging in deep relations with ecosystem partners, platform partners, and use-case integration partners.

Together with the community developer program, the network of partners and individual developers is becoming the basis for achieving unprecedented depth and breadth of engineering solutions and market integrations of NuNet.

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