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A Global Economy of
Decentralized Computing

NuNet's decentralized computing network taps into global GPU and computing power, revolutionizing how we utilize and reward computational resources.

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NuNet's Role in DePIN

NuNet is building an innovative, open-source, decentralized computing platform pioneering the new era of DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure)

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About NuNet

NuNet is redefining cloud computing with its decentralized approach, leveraging a global network of independent computing devices to create a unified, machine-to-machine ecosystem.

NuNet Roadmap 2024

Q1 - Q2 2024

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DMS Architecture Update and Refactoring 
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Public Alpha Solutions
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Decentralized SPO Computing
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DMS Refactoring

The DMS (Device Management Service) acts as the foundation of our platform, orchestrating the complex interactions between various computing resources and users. Refactoring this system involves a meticulous process of restructuring its existing code and architecture. This crucial step is not just about improving the system’s current performance but is aimed at making the DMS more adaptable, scalable, and easier to maintain in the long run.

The importance of refactoring the DMS architecture lies in several key areas:


  • Enhanced Efficiency

  • Increased Scalability

  • Future-proofing

  • Security Improvements

  • Integration capabilities and flexibility

See the milestone deliverables here.

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Public Alpha Solutions

NuNet’s hybrid business model is a forward-thinking approach designed to cater to the evolving needs of both web2 and web3 ecosystems.

This model provides the flexibility for serverless deployment on NuNet’s robust platform while temporarily redirecting the crypto-micropayment layer, thereby reducing the entry barriers for Web2.0 businesses, organizations, institutions, etc.

This strategic model is especially pertinent given the rising demand for Large Language Models (LLMs), positioning NuNet as a pivotal player in supporting and driving the adoption of advanced computational models, while progressively enhancing the utility of the NTX token in anticipation of the full mainnet release. In the interim, NuNet Solutions will provide organic demand for the NTX utility token via pilot deployments.

See the milestone deliverables here.

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Decentralized SPO Computing

NuNet will enable SPOs to run computing workflows on community provisioned hardware, increasing resilience and aiding decentralization
on Cardano.

See the milestone deliverables here.

Features & Benefits

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Open Source

NuNet thrives on its open-source ethos, fostering a transparent community that drives innovation and improvement. By enabling users and developers to tailor and enhance the platform, we champion collaborative growth and innovation.


Chain Agnostic

NuNet's chain-agnostic approach ensures seamless integration and interoperability across diverse blockchains, offering flexibility and access to the best features of each. This adaptability keeps NuNet at the cutting edge of blockchain evolution.



NuNet empowers AI, ML, LLMs, and AGI applications by providing essential computing resources, fostering innovations and enabling significant advancements across multiple sectors.


Crypto Micro Payment Payments

NuNet's cryptocurrency micro payments will streamline transactions within its ecosystem, offering real-time compensation for computing resources, enhancing security, and reducing costs, thereby facilitating seamless access to shared computing power.


Scalable Architecture

NuNet's scalable architecture will adapt to growing user demands, particularly in AI and blockchain applications. Designed for seamless expansion, it integrates additional resources as needed, ensuring a reliable and efficient computing environment.

Community Developer Support

NuNet prioritizes community and developer contributions, equipping them with advanced tools, comprehensive guides, and collaborative spaces. This support fosters an innovative environment where ideas grow, challenges are tackled together, and NuNet stays ahead in technology.

Serverless Deployment

NuNet's serverless deployment enhances flexibility and efficiency, simplifying application development without infrastructure management, speeding up market entry, and enabling automatic scaling.

Decentralized and Data Privacy

NuNet enhances security and supports data sovereignty through geolocation and strict data privacy measures, distributing resources globally to minimize regional disruptions and comply with local privacy regulations.

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NuNet Tokenomics

The NuNet Token (NTX) is NuNet platform’s native utility token described on our documentation site and technical Whitepaper.

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